sharing our lives in an open and honest way

At Uncommon, we take a different approach to discipleship. It’s not about a class or a Bible Study, but about the regular meeting together and sharing our lives in an open and honest way. To that end, we have developed a discipleship ministry called Generations.

Our Generations discipleship ministry seeks to pair mentors (individuals and couples) of a particular age or life-stage with other individuals or couples in a different life-stage. It could be a retiree mentoring a college student, or a young married couple mentoring a senior couple.

At Uncommon, we believe that every individual regardless of age or background has wisdom, experience, and perspective that can be helpful and useful to edify and teach others. There are no rules or age restrictions. The only requirements to be a mentor is a strong walk with the Lord, and training from our Generations team.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit the Info Spot to sign up or fill out a Connection Card online and someone from the Generations team will be in contact with you shortly.